Organic Handsoap & Lotion

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All-natural hand soap 500 ml + lotion 500 ml
packed in a luxury Mon Dada giftbox
2 x 500 ml

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The soap and body lotion comes in a luxury wooden gift box packaging. 

This is the perfect gift for you or your loved ones in times we need to wash our hands regularly. 

Available in 2 personalities:

Fire me up: jasmine, cuban tobacco, oak 500 ml 
& Summer Crush: lime, mandarin, basil 500 ml 

Order online or come over to our atelier in Moen to discover our full range. 

Tip: For extra protection, order a home hand hero. The perfect handsanitiser that fits in your purse or pants to stay safe on the way. Check this product on our home collection web page. 


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